"Civilizations are what they think they are." - Walter J. Hickel

Wally Hickel was the kind of thinker who could not be easily categorized or labeled.  His ideas bridged between the values of conservationists and developers, and between proponents of private wealth and common wealth.  The ideas, resources, and lines of inquiry offered on this website are meant to help teachers and students discover the creativity and value of his thinking.

It is hoped that when young people understand what Hickel meant by such concepts as the "Alaska Model", the "Owner State"and the "commons", they might see the value in strengthening and carrying these ideas forward to the next generation of Alaska citizens.  It is with that hope, that this work is offered...

This site is meant to continue expanding with the questions and insights of others interested in these ideas of Wally Hickel.  If you have suggestions for new learning activities, key questions or resources, please share them HERE.