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Secretary Hickel and Yvonne Esbensen Lindblom on horseback in Rock Creek Park, Washington, D.C. - 1970

There is more to the Wally Hickel story than can be told in a one-hour documentary.  For this reason, Great Projects Films, the producers of Alaska, the World and Wally Hickel and the Institute of the North have created this companion website.  On this page, “The Wally I Knew”, we invite everyone who knew Wally, or admired him from afar, to write one or more stories or anecdotes that illustrate what made him an original and a force in almost every arena he tackled.

We are looking for stories that capture his humor, his gift as a tough negotiator, his talent for business, his vision, and his values including his love of family.  His unusual ideas (such as the “Little Guy”) and any of his “Hickelisms” deserve to be recorded and shared with Alaska and the world.

Please write one or more of your stories so that your memories and insights can be added to the Wally Hickel record.  If you have a photo you would like to attach, please send it with a caption.  Send your text and picture to:

Malcolm B. Roberts, editor
“The Wally I Knew”

Thank you!